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Sep 23, 2020

Rob Harris completed his fourth season as the strength and conditioning coach for the men’s basketball team in 2019-20 after serving two seasons as the assistant strength coach. Rob is responsible for the day-to-day fitness of the men’s basketball team. In his six seasons with the program, the Wildcats have won four league regular-season and four tournament titles. Rob is also responsible for the skills and athletic testing at Kentucky’s annual pro day, where scouts and general managers across the NBA attend two days of UK practice for a basis of physical measurements for future professional evaluations. A number of NBA players who have trained under Rob at Kentucky have commended him for changing their bodies and their work ethic. With Rob’s help, UK players annually post some of the best numbers at the annual NBA Draft combine. Before coming to the University of Kentucky, he worked for the University of Arkansas as the assistant strength and conditioning coach for football, an assistant strength and conditioning coach for the NFL’s Cincinnati Bengals for three years, and the Ohio State’s football program, assisting with the coordinating and implementation of strength training and conditioning programs for the Buckeyes. He and his wife, Maria, have two daughters: Anaya and Alaya.