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Mar 15, 2023

Nick and Kaylee Woodard are a dynamic jump roping duo with decades of experience in competitive jump roping. Together, they co-founded Learnin’ the Ropes, a non profit corporation that exists to inspire, educate, and serve others through jump rope in order to promote active, healthy lifestyles for youth and adults.

Nick Woodard has been a part of the sport of jump rope for 28 years. He has won several national and 14 world championships and has traveled the world promoting the sport through workshops and shows for several NBA teams, Cirque Du Solei, schools and summer camps to provide fun jump rope experiences that audiences will never forget.

Nick holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Sam Houston State University and a Masters in Sports Management from the University of Tennessee. Nick is passionate about fitness and is a Certified Personal Trainer and Performance Enhancement Specialist through the National Academy of Sport Medicine.

Dr. Kaylee Woodard has been involved with the sport of jump rope for 22 years. During that time, Kaylee has been blessed with many opportunities to compete, teach, and perform all around the world. She has earned multiple national and 6 World Champion titles and has performed with Cirque du Soleil, Cirque Dreams, Saltare, and a variety of other companies. She has also taught jump rope in 9 countries and over 30 states.

Kaylee earned a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from Louisiana State University, a Master’s degree in Exercise Science from the University of South Florida, and a Ph.D. in Motor Behavior and Sport Psychology from the University of Tennessee. Kaylee is also a National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. She now works as a professor in Western Kentucky University’s Exercise Science Department. 

Learnin’ the Ropes:

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