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Feb 7, 2024

Hallie Lindsey will graduate from the University of Kentucky this May and will attain her BA in both Integrated Strategic Communication and Theatre. While pursuing her academic interest, she is a tour guide at the Visitor’s Center for the University, along with an active participant in both colleges in which she is involved. Through the College of Fine Arts, she played Christopher “Kit” Marlowe in “Shakespeare in Love,” along with “Meg March” in Little Women. She is also an active participant in the National Student Advertising Competition. During her time at the University, she is also an active member of her social sorority, Alpha Delta Pi, serving as Music Education Specialist, Bid Day Chair, and Intramural Chair. As the Marketing and Communications Intern for Active Girls, Healthy Women, she promotes all of the initiative's activities on our social media platforms, photographs events, and will be the new host for season 5 of the Champions of Active Women podcast!


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